Fondation de la Chenelière

Educational publishers have the distinction of being closely linked to various Ministries of Education. Their publications must adhere to the established educational programs and consequently their notion of education is unduly influenced by this close relationship.

With the sale of Chenelière Education’s publishing interests, within which the Fondation was created, the Fondation de la Chenelière became a fully autonomous organization, and we decided to diversify our activities by redefining the concept of education as a response to contemporary challenges.

Consequently we selected three main fields of endeavour:

  • Culture & the arts
  • The environment
  • International projects

The vast majority of all fundraising organizations are dedicated to health and research into various diseases, all vitally important and necessary work which must continue. Fundraising for education, by comparison, is not as well developed, even though it is the basis for all human development.

The more resources we make available to our artists and our environmental scientists for research, to invent and rethink the world, the richer our educational experiences will be. The more we give to educational institutions in the Developing World, the more we will bring the world closer to a mutual appreciation of peace.